If Access is a question of “to what?” and “how much?” then Equity is a question of “who?” gets access. Equity as a value is a lot more troublesome than access, because you usually can’t count it, and it’s even harder to operationalize. It’s more about how or to whom you give access, and whether […]

Wes’ Blog – “Access”

Welcome back to Spring 2015. This spring I want to re-purpose my blog conversations by making them interactive in two ways. This spring we will work our way through our adopted College Values. We will publically ponder (unfinished reflections) each of these values. After all, the respectful exchange of ideas is an essential part of […]

Golden West College Remains Fully Accredited and Open for Business

I am proud to be the president of Golden West College and to see the positive impact that our institution has had on thousands of people in the cities surrounding Huntington Beach. You may have recently seen articles regarding Golden West College’s accreditation status. Let me assure you that Golden West College is fully accredited […]

Accreditation Action Letter and Report 7-8-14

Dear Colleagues, I would like to update the College on the outcome of our recent accreditation visit and the actions taken by the Commission. As you will recall, the visiting team acknowledged that the College had made significant progress on all recommendations; however, we had not yet fully satisfied all of them in the six […]

First DID YOU KNOW? Contest

By Wes Bryan – DID YOU KNOW – how we use these facts? We post Did You Know facts – in more places, than the box on the right hand side of Wavelength. They become talking points in many presentations. Some are posted on our campus marquee, fondly referred to as Big Ed, which flashes messages […]

Campus Life

By Wes Bryan – One of the things a President gets to do is represent the College at numerous events. You can translate that into eating chicken cooked more ways than I could have ever imagined (usually good and always more calories (points) than I have been allotted for the day or the week). Telling […]

Welcome from Wes

Wes’ BlogFresh ideas, new faces, a renewed sense of purpose, and a chance to inspire. In my view everyone who works here is an educator. We are are learning community, and learning takes place in every corner of this college every day.