Student graduation gown, cap and tassel now available at the bookstore

Cap and Gown samples

Please give the bookstore staff the following information:  

  • your height,
  • whether you are getting AA Degree or Certificate,
  • whether you are in the Honors List,
  • whether you are in the EOPS program.
Important:  The gowns are according to your height and are one-size fits all but if you need special gown sizes
(ex. plus sizes, or taller than 6’5″ or shorter than 4’9″) you will need to place a special order no later than May 13th.
All prices below already includes tax:
Gown, cap and tassel package: $52.78
Gown only:  $35.98
Cap only:  $9.68
Regular Tassel only:  $7.52
Fancy Tassel only:  $13.99
Faculty gown and cap will be available for pick-up starting May 21.
For questions please contact bookstore at 714-895-8764 or
Congratulations to all graduates!