Rustlers Research Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall 2018 Rustler Research Newsletter

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Dear GWC colleagues, 

Welcome to a new academic year! It is hard to believe that this is our 9th issue of Rustlers Research Newsletter. Over the last five years, our office has been working on different ways to deliver research information to the campus at large, from research briefs, to fact books, to data posters and now our data dashboards. Along the way, we learned from our GWC colleagues that words matter just as much as numbers; our interpretation and assessment of the data, must go beyond what is displayed by charts and tables.

As you look at the 2018 Scorecard and College Quick Facts, I want to highlight a few of Golden West College’s achievements to complement the data.

  • With a degree/transfer rate of 56%, we are ranked 17 out of 114 California community colleges.
  • With a CTE completion rate of 64%, we are ranked 8 out of 114 California community colleges in Career Technical Education completion.
  • Our current persistence rate is 84%, which is 10% higher than our persistence rate five years ago. Additionally, we are ranked 6 out of 114 California community colleges in persistence.
  • We transferred over 1,150 students to CSU, UC and other four year institutions in 2016-17. A majority of our students transfer to the CSUs, and most of them stay local and attend either CSU Fullerton or CSU Long Beach. In fact, CSU Fullerton and CSU Long Beach, make up 84% of GWC’s total CSU transfers.

These numbers demonstrate that many of the college’s initiatives to increase student success and engagement are working. We have a jam-packed newsletter for you. In addition to the Scorecard and College Quick Facts, we will highlight our GWC graduates survey results and provide you with information about the upcoming accreditation visit, as well as the upcoming program review cycle.

With warm wishes,

Kay V. Nguyen

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness


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