Request for scholarship Readers

Application Readers

We have hundreds of students that are submitting scholarship applications.

To provide a clean process and meet the timelines necessary to print the Scholarship and Graduation Programs all scholarship opportunities need to be read and completed by Friday, April 5, 2019.  The Scholarship Office needs more than 125 staff and faculty members to assist in reading the scholarship applications. The more assistance in this process the fewer applications each person has to read.  The goal is to give no more than 20-25 scholarship applications to any one person.

If you are interested in helping please:

Sign up NOW click here on the Google Doc Form attached.

If you volunteer to read scholarship applications you will be sent the applications through a special email notification. These applications can be read form school, home and even on a Smart Phone. Your “User Name” and “Password” for MyGWC logs you into the system. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the students here at Golden West College, why they have chosen our institution and their aspirations for the future.

If you would like more information please contact Valerie Venegas at extension 55117 or email me at