New GWC Catalog PDF is Now Online

The 2017-2018 Golden West College Catalog is now online in PDF format. You can find it here: [link to catalog].

The web-based version and a limited number of printed copies will be coming soon.

Did you know it’s really easy to navigate the PDF? There are three ways to jump to the exact page you want:

  1. PDF Bookmarks
  2. Table of Contents page links
  3. Index page links

To use the PDF Bookmarks, you can save the PDF to your computer and open it in Adobe Acrobat, or use a browser that supports PDF Bookmarks, such as Google Chrome. The following screenshot shows how to access the PDF bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat.

This screenshot of the upper right corner of the browser window shows where to find the PDF Bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Once you have the PDF Bookmarks open, you can expand any section, click a bookmark, and it will jump to the corresponding page.

To use the page links in the Table of Contents or Index, simply navigate to the TOC in the PDF (pages 3-4) or Index (pages 287-293) and click the page number of any entry you want to jump to.

Give it a try, and feel free to send your feedback to