Marty Grajeda, December Employee of the Month


Congratulations to Marty Grajeda, Maintenance Specialist II for GWC’s Maintenance & Operations, our Employee of the Month for December.

This was sent in with his nomination: “Marty has served as a valued member of the GWC family for decades. His expertise, knowledge and work ethic are legendary. Not everyone knows his name–he’s ‘that guy who’s always there to fix things’ or ‘the one who knows how to get it done.’ He doesn’t put himself front and center so it doesn’t get the accolades but he’s always there. You can see him at the back during graduation or orientation, or scholarship night or working on broken down equipment. He’s always got that winning smile on his face. He knows his work and the work of his team makes these events possible and he’s happy to have made the contribution.