Event Planning

Campus Event Planning

This page includes recommendations and links to assist all Golden West College departments and programs with Event Planning and Scheduling.

Before seeking campus approval, it is important to consider the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of the event.

Approvals may be submitted up to one (1) year in advance and no later than four (4) weeks prior to an event or activity on campus to allow for proper planning.  Ideally, Spring events should be scheduled during the prior Fall semester; Fall events scheduled during the prior Spring. This will ensure that the event has the greatest opportunity to receive the necessary resources and support from Maintenance, TSS/Audio Visual, Public Safety, and Promotions.  It doesn’t matter how small or large the event is, or if the department or program is providing their own equipment or made arrangements to rent equipment, the campus MUST know the time, place, and manner of the event.

Steps to Success:

  1. Get campus approval – Go to the GWC Portal – https://gwcportal.cccd.edu/Departments/president/Pages/default.aspx
    All campus events must have Administrative Approval through the President’s Office. The President’s Office has the right to approve, or not approve an event proposal. Please make sure you have campus approval before contracting, purchasing, hiring, or starting any Marketing.
  2. File facility request through 25Live – https://25live.collegenet.com/goldenwestcollege/#home_my25live
    All events–small or large–must be registered in 25 Live. This will ensure the campus knows the time, place, and manner of the event. (Not all staff have permission to submit request through 25Live. Please work with authorized Department/Programs Coordinators.)
    All entries in 25Live start as DRAFT. After being reviewed the event will be moved to TENTATIVE and placed on the Public Calendar.


Once these steps are completed, please use the following check-list and Google Doc to assist in making sure you have well-planned event.

Event Planning Check List

Event Planning Check Off Form [PDF]

Google Doc Form



The Google Doc Form will go to the Sub-Committee of the Safety, Sustainability and Facilities. Once approved and reviewed by the Sub-Committee of Safety, Sustainability and Facilities, the event may then move to APPROVED and calendared. The Sub-Committee meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at 1 p.m. in the Public Safety Conference Room. Members are there to assist all staff with their event planning and scheduling. The Sub-Committee also checks to make sure that there are no conflicts with events that might lessen available resources or jeopardize event success.


Event Planning Guide – In Process
Power Point – In Process
Event Planning Tutorial Video – In Process


NOTE: If at any time your event cancels, it is your responsibility or that of the organizer to contact Michael Carrizo at mcarrizo@gwc.cccd.edu so that appropriate notifications can be distributed to the resource groups scheduled to support the event.

Failure to follow the steps for event planning can lessen your success and opportunities for future activities.