Employee of the Month nomination form


“The mission of the Classified Staff of Golden West College is to foster an atmosphere of collaboration with our students and members of the campus community; to promote college goals and preserve the integrity of shared governance through participation.”

  1. Who is a Classified Employee of the Month?
    Someone who went above and beyond in their job to make IT happen!
  2. Who can nominate the Employee of the Month?
    Classified employees, faculty, and management.
  3. Does the classified employee have to work in my department?
    NO! If a classified employee helped you, their co-workers, or you observed a classified employee going above and beyond in their job, please take the time to nominate them.

Criteria for selection are:

  1. Nominees must be a *permanent classified employee.
  2. May’s nominations must be received by 4/11/19.

  3. Classified employees may not receive the award more than once in a two-year period.

The Employees of the Month are eligible to become the Employee of the Year through a campus-wide election.

*A. Full-time Classified Employees.

*B. Part-time Classified Employees.

Employees regularly scheduled to work less than the full-time schedule, but at least twenty (20) hours per week.

The employee of the month award is given to an individual who has done something exceptional in the previous month. Please briefly describe in the box below why you are nominating this classified employee.

Please fill out and submit the form below.