Elder Care & Healthy Aging Seminars – January 23, 2018

The District Office of Human Resources
~ Presents ~

Elder Care Seminar

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
1 – 2 pm
District Board Room
It’s not uncommon for one family member to be the sole caregiver for an older relative. This seminar will teach participants how to create a family approach to caregiving. We will discuss how family dynamics and family history impact a family’s ability to work together as caregivers. Participants will learn strategies for problem-solving and managing conflicts with siblings and other family members.

Healthy Aging Seminar

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
2 – 3 pm
District Board Room

There is a new saying that “60 is the new 40.” The way our society looks at age is changing, reflecting longer life spans and conditions never experienced before. The manner in which we relate and interact with our surroundings makes a huge difference in our individual perception of the aging experience. In this class, we will discuss age as a state of mind and in relation to our surroundings.

FREE to all CCCD Employees!

All seminars are free but require a reservation. 

Please contact Chris Hall at chrishall@cccd.edu or 714.438.4869

Presentations will be provided by the Anthem Employee Assistance Program

Attached Flyer: EAP Seminars – Elder Care and Healthy Aging (1.23.18) [PDF]