Denise Kahlen, April Employee of the Month

Denise Kahlen and group

Denise Kahlen, Account/Fiscal Specialist in Fiscal Service has been named April Employee of the Month

Denise serves Golden West College through her role as an Accounting Fiscal Specialist in Fiscal Services. Not only does she train the entire campus on purchasing processes in Banner, but also assists with all accounting functions related to categorical and/or grant funds. Her role is vital to assure that categorical programs close their budgets as smoothly as possible and accurately report expenditures in required reporting mechanisms. Denise is a person that cares about our campus and constituents. She performs above and beyond her duties by volunteering on numerous committees such as Planning & Budget, and gets involved in projects that positively impact student success through the lens of student equity. One such example is her recent involvement in the Leading From the Middle Academy (LFMA). She has joined a team of several classified staff members to conduct inquiry over the course of one calendar year in order to recommend solutions that can streamline student services by creating an environment of equity and inclusion. This project requires many hours of hard work on- and off-campus as Denise shares her knowledge with enthusiasm to reach set goals. Her professionalism, service and kind character are what makes our campus a better place where students can succeed.