David Vasquez – Employee of the Month

David Vasquez, Instructional Associate Online InstructionDavid Vasquez, Instructional Associate, Online Instruction

David has displayed tremendous amounts of professionalism and dedication in the past year and a half. Our department was left to operate without our director for nine months, during a major transition from Blackboard to Canvas, in which our workload was already increased exponentially. While all of our team members had to shoulder additional workload during this time, David went above and beyond the call of duty, fielding many times the normal number of inquiries for assistance and technical support, both from the transition to Canvas, and to relieve the pressure from another team member who was taking on the director’s duties. He continued to provide support for Blackboard, while additionally becoming proficient in the Canvas system, and answering many Canvas technical questions/requests. In every phone call I overheard (tons), his demeanor has always been kind, patient, and helpful – even through the most stressful times. Amidst this onslaught of additional communication, he worked tirelessly to transition course content from Blackboard to Canvas, putting in many overtime hours to ensure the highest quality material for our GWC faculty and students. He also learned to utilize a web-conferencing system in order to coordinate the virtual portions of Canvas Workshops that were simultaneously hosted in-person and online, providing technical and chat support, while the trainer (me) spoke. His coordination and support during those workshops was invaluable, and allowed us to get great recordings for future training use. David bore the many challenges of this time with strength and resolve, showing up and giving 200% of the required effort every single day. Through it all, he maintained his kind, patient, and gentle manner with everyone with whom he interacted. His kindness to everyone who seeks his help is the embodiment of our Online Instruction Department’s mission to help faculty and students. His hard work and perseverance were, and continue to be, critical to our college’s successful transition to the Canvas Learning Management System.

David Vasquez, Instructional Associate Online Instruction and co-workers