Call for Symposiums

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – Full-time and 7.5+ LHE Part-time Faculty
Department/Discipline Symposiums or In-Service Training Meetings

Call for Symposium

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IPD is accepting rolling applications for Symposiums or In-Service Training Meetings to be held after March 2019. Due to limited funds, we can only cover expenses for full-time and 7.5+ LHE part-time faculty.

Symposiums should support your department and/or campus-wide goals and meet at least one of the AB1725 guidelines:

  • Improvement of Teaching
  • Knowledge/Skill maintenance
  • Development of Innovation
  • In-Service Vocational Training
  • Computer & Technology Proficiency
  • Retraining for Instructional Needs

Identify specific areas of interest in your department/discipline, such as training, innovation, or solutions to department needs.  Symposium topic suggestions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Communication or Customer Service Skills
  • Promoting Student Success
  • Problem Solving
  • Technology & Computer Training
  • Student Learning Outcomes

COVERED EXPENSES: Actual expenses maximum per person not to exceed $3.00/materials, $3.00/snack and $12.00/lunch. Non-covered expenses include facility rentals, speaker stipends, and substitutes or participation incentives, such as stipends or give away items.

Consideration for funding also includes, but not limited to the number of faculty participating, total cost, and whether funding has been granted in the past.   If you have any questions, please contact the IPD Office at 714/895-8175 or email .