Ben Olague Announced as October Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Ben Olague, our Employee of the Month for October 2018. Ben Olague is GWC’s Outreach Program Specialist.

This was sent in with his nomination: Ben has been a one-man department for basically his whole time at GWC but that has not stopped him from being one of the most helpful and informative staff members on campus. Most of his job is done off-campus: promoting Golden West any way he can. When on campus, he is giving out campus tours to new or prospective students, helping out different booths at GWC events, or simply walking around the SSC and giving direction or advice to any student that may look a bit overwhelmed. To give one or two examples or reasons why Ben should be nominated would be doing an injustice on what he does every single day. Every campus needs a staff member like Ben to truly promote the school. He knows Golden West inside and out and can tell you statistics about the college that I’m sure most of us have never even heard of. Ben has been a gigantic help in raising the student population by going out to high school campuses around the area and helping students apply, take assessment tests, and simply tell the students why Golden West should be their college of destination. He may be a department of one, but he has been an important part of the school’s growth.