Attention All GWC Theater Arts Majors and Interested Students! Attend A College Transfer Seminar at GWC!!!

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Are you planning to transfer to a 4-year program and pursue an undergraduate degree in Theater Arts? Are you excited about the prospect of attending a college, university, or conservatory program, but a little overwhelmed or intimidated by the application or audition process, as well as the sheer number of schools offering degrees in Theater Arts? Are you wondering where you should apply and what some the “Best” theater programs in the country might be? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you NEED to read the following: 

On Thursday, September 20 from 4-6 PM in the Stage West Theater (Communications 108), GWC Theater Arts Professor Tom Amen will be holding a FREE seminar for GWC Theater Arts Majors and other interested students planning to transfer and complete a 4-year undergraduate program leading to either a BA or a BFA degree in Theater Arts. 

With a highly successful background in assisting numerous talented students and their families navigate the challenging process of choosing the right school and program for the individual student, Professor Tom Amen is donating his time and experience because he wants to do what he can to help you achieve your academic goals! 

During the seminar, Tom will share a number of strategies for getting the most out of your current GWC Theater Arts experience, while introducing a host of strategies and questions to consider when selecting, apply to, auditioning for, and ultimately attending a particular college, university, or conservatory theater program. 

Topics of the seminar will include: 

  • “Why Study Theater?” – The Benefits of a Theater Arts Degree 
  • “BA vs. BFA: What’s the Difference?” – The Pros and Cons of Each Degree 
  • Transfer Requirements – “How to Get from Here to There?” 
  • The Application and Audition Process – “How Do I Do It All?” 
  • Selecting a Theater Program – “Which is the Right Program for ME? 

During the seminar, Tom will spend 60-90 minutes sharing relevant information leaving ample time for a Q & A. 

Once again, this free seminar will be held on Thursday, September 20 from 4-6 pm in the Stage West Theater (Communications 108), and ALL GWC Theater Arts majors and interested students are strongly encouraged to attend. We hope to see you all there!